ER5 Hatchback

ER5 Hatchback

Ein Mallet-Design Putter mit "Hatched Out" Mittelsektion mit den revolutionären Evnroll Rillen (Grooves) für gerade Putts und praktisch identischen Roll, auch bei nicht mittig getroffenen Bällen.


Konform mit den Regeln der R&A und USGA und somit turnierzugelassen.


Für Rechtshänder und Linkshänder erhältlich.


Versandkostenfreie Lieferung nach Deutschland und Österreich.


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Bist Du ein Centershaft-Fan? Dieses Modell ist auf Bestellung auch als Centerschaft-Version ER5CS verfügbar. Aufgrund der geringen Nachfrage nach Centershaft-Puttern haben wir das ER5CS-Modell jedoch nicht separat aufgeführt. Bei Interesse sende uns bitte eine Anfrage über das Kontaktformular. Danke!.

  • Details

    • Entwickelt und hergestellt in Carlsbad, Kalifornien, USA
    • Putterkopf aus 303 Stainless Steel
    • Farbe: Silber Satin Finish
    • Länge und Kopfgewicht: 35"@340g, 34”@355g, 33”@370g
    • Loft: 2 Grad
    • Liewinkel: 70 Grad
    • Balance: 25 Grad "Toe Down" 
    • Evnroll TourTac Puttergriff, Durchmesser ca. 3 cm
    • 100 Gramm schwerer Griff für "Counter Balance" Effekt

  • Sonderanpassungen

    Individuelle Anpassungen hinsichtlich Schaftlänge, Griff, Loft und Lie sind bei diesem Artikel gegen Aufpreis möglich. Wir empfehlen hierzu den Besuch bei einem unserer Evnroll Stützpunkthänder. Alternativ kannst Du hier im Webshop über den Artikel Customize Optionen Deinen angepassten Evnroll Putter direkt bestellen.

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    - Nur 29 € monatlich für das Evnroll Modell Deiner Wahl
    - 6 Monate Mindestlaufzeit
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    - Wechsel zu einem anderen Evnroll Modell jederzeit möglich*

    * Nach Ablauf der Mindestlaufzeit ist es jederzeit möglich, zu einem anderen Evnroll Modell zu wechseln. Verfügbarkeit vorausgesetzt. Nach einem Wechsel startet die Mindestlaufzeit erneut. Die Kosten für den Hin- und Rückversand trägt der Abonnent.

    Das Angebot richtet sich an Kunden mit Versandanschrift in Deutschland oder Österreich.

    Es können nur Standardmodelle/-längen aus dem Evnroll Sortiment Deutschland/Österreich abonniert werden, d.h. der Putter muss in der Konfiguration aus dieser Webseite zu kaufen sein. Für Custom-Putter wird kein Abo-Modell angeboten.

    Die Kündigung kann vorab per E-Mail an gerichtet werden. Maßgeblich ist jedoch immer der Eingang der versicherten Rücksendung an Evnroll Putter Vertrieb, Oliver Schröder, Engerstr. 94, 47800 Krefeld, Deutschland.

    Normale Gebrauchsspuren am Putter („gebrauchsmäßige Abnutzung“) sind unproblematisch. Starke Abnutzungsspuren durch unsachgemäße Nutzung/Lagerung, starke Lackschäden und Defekte (alles, was nicht durch eine Aufbereitung zu beheben ist) müssen vom Abonnenten getragen werden.

    Aktuell ist das Putter-Abo Modell ausschließlich mit Kreditkartenzahlung möglich.

  • Bewertungen

    Confidence is everything
    Review by James
    Absolutely the best putter I have ever owned and I have had a few. I am an avid and plus golfer that has finally found a putter that is completely balanced and suited to my stroke. Very expensive, but the putter is class and quality from top to bottom. I don’t believe I will ever buy another putter again, seriously! ER5 35 inch. Pretty!
    (Posted on 2/12/2020)

    The best putter I have ever used
    Review by Bill M
    Just had my first on course use of my EVNROLL ER5 Hatchback putter. Just amazing feel and weight distribution. I've owned Scotty Cameron and Odyssey putters throughout my many years of playing golf and this is the finest putter ever owned. Made a 50 foot birdie putt off the green. This will be the last putter I will ever own.

    (Posted on 8/7/2019)

    New is better
    Review by Santiago
    The innovation in this putter is amazing. Finally we something new and that actually helps putters. I am a mid-high handicapper and this putter changed my game. Easy to aligned and hit. Its impressive how different it is from just a regular putter, now I know what is worth it when changing a club in your set.
    (Posted on 6/24/2019)


    Sweet Putter
    Review by T Jackson
    I am still getting used to my new ER5, but my experience after 9 holes yesterday is "so far so good". I will echo a few other reviewers before me on the fact that you have to put a little more umph into the putt to get it to the hole, but it's nothing too extreme. The putter was in pristine condition upon delivery. I lost the ball marker that comes with the headcover on my first outing though :(.
    All in all, the ER5 is a fantastic flat stick. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    (Posted on 8/30/2018)


    It is true ! The grooves make a difference
    Review by EP
    I picked up a used ER5 hatchet at PGA superstore $90 bucks off list price. First five putts 5 feet out were dead straight in. Looked at a blade version was good but Hatchet won. First two rounds golf partners talked how I putted so well.Have to work on long putts transition blade versus mallet. I will get there thanks great product. Also easier to get a 0.60 back swing on blast . Blade was all over. I have arc in my putt swing not a mallet putter Evnroll concert. Try it and you won’t be disappointed
    (Posted on 8/17/2018)


    So I can putt after all ......
    Review by John
    Aim. Fire. Sink. The distance control takes a while to get used to. All short to start off with. But when you’ve dialed in the distance, this putter is amazing at keeping the ball heading in the direction you aimed at. No other putter comes close to what the Evnroll face produces. 30 years of putting and This really is something new!
    (Posted on 8/16/2018)


    Almost perfect
    Review by ProjectX
    The technology and feel of these putters is the real deal. When I miss a putt on the heal or the toe I don't lose length and right at the end of the putt before it comes to rest the ball works back towards the centerline. It's truly incredible to witness. I highly recommend getting fit for your putter as well. I had been playing an Odyssey #7 for 6 years with a standard 70* lie angle. My miss was always a touch of a pull due to toe up. I was fit to a flatter lie angle with this putter and that problem is gone. The only complaint I have is this putter makes an high pitched audible "ting" sound when you hit the ball. It's quite distracting and tough to get used to. If they could get rid of that the putter would be perfect.
    (Posted on 8/3/2018)


    Assessed this product carefully.
    Review by Philie
    (Posted on 7/17/2018)


    I love the ER5
    Review by Wayne
    I picked up an ER5 in May and have used it for several rounds. I love this putter. I am 6'-0" and went with a 33" length 385 gram. At first I was leaving putts short but once I got used to the putter the speed improved and the putts started dropping. I have never been so confident over the ball. Now if Mr. Rife can create a driver that'll keep me in the fairway...
    (Posted on 7/2/2018)


    Review by Engs


    I have now had my ER5 for almost a year and my admiration and appreciation of this putter and technology continue to grow. I continue to feel that where this putter stands out above any other I have ever used is at distances of 10- 25 feet. After many rounds of golf and many hours on the practice green I almost feel like I am cheating when it comes to lag putting. Where I used to try to get the ball within a 3 foot circle I now try for a 1-2 foot circle.
    I highly recommend checking out Evnroll. Expensive but still cheaper than the latest and greatest driver but will have a much larger impact on your game.
    (Posted on 6/16/2018)

    I am in danger of becoming a gud putter after all and thus reducing my handicap from 11 to 9 hopefully , cheers Evnroll...
    Review by SMA


    After having tried (means actually bought them ;( ....) so many putters, scotty select newport, ping , odyssey , taylormade and trying different style grips & mallet ones toooo ..but nothing seems to come close to putter styling .....UNTIL this one shows its was an instant ting sound within me...super flow , I can actually feel the putting flow in my putting style .........something incredible happen that day , I found my better-half , love you EVNROLL !!
    (Posted on 6/6/2018)

    Great putter that has a huge Sweet Spot
    Review by Bill


    I ordered this putter without having the chance to hit it and I was extremely concerned that I might not like it. I was wrong. The reviews are spot on. Its not magic but it's close. This putter makes putting easier and more natural feeling. The weighting and balance and face alignment with the shaft and the dot technology and the grooves getting wider toward the toe and heel and the excellent head cover and the great grip etc.........
    I can't say enough about this company and would recommend you try one out if your budget allows.
    (Posted on 5/26/2018)

    Great feeling putter
    Review by Cleaver


    Thought I would never switch from a Cameron
    (Posted on 5/25/2018)

    Technology, Look, and Feel Like No Other
    Review by Dud


    I was very skeptical about trying the Evnroll, and had been using insert putters for a couple of decades. I got semi-fit for an ER-5 at a retailer on carpet, but knew something was better right away. It took a little getting used to as far as the sound and the distance controll off the metal face and deep grooves at the course, but the directional control is unparalleled.
    After a few rounds I have acclimated and the distance control is phenomenal. I also added a Superstroke Counterbalanced Flatso grip, which gave me even better results. I would recommend the Evnroll to anyone regardless of ability, and expect a lot more to be showing up in professional bags (if they decide to give up their lucrative putter contracts!)
    (Posted on 4/21/2018)

    Best putter that i ever use.
    Review by Pang


    Perfect putter that can save my score
    (Posted on 4/3/2018)


    Best Putter Ever
    Review by David
    This putter is incredible, the looks and feel are absolutely fantastic. Having used numerous putters from other brands the ER5 stands miles ahead of them all. Initially going for a Scotty I saw and tested the ER5, ten minutes later I was purchasing this incredible putter. Its by far the best out there, the technology works (fact). Super high quality, all the way to the head cover. this club and brand is a keeper. It's an amazing putter that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Congratulations Guerin and the entire Evnroll staff.
    (Posted on 1/10/2018)


    best putter I have ever had, and had lots!
    Review by jim mac
    the Evnroll ER5 is the best putter I have ever had, gives me lots of confidence to make the putts even off the green. great job EVNROLL.!!
    (Posted on 7/16/2017)


    Incredible consistancy
    Review by Engs
    Purchased an ER5 after a fitting Friday night. After a battle with a Scotty mallet and a Ping Tyne the ER 5 stood out above the other two excellent putters. Ultimately it was the performance of the ER 5 at distances of 10-20 feet that had me running up to the cash register. Wow! In 20 years of golf I have ever hit a putter that has marked me look so decent from ALL distances. This putter is definitely as advertised.
     I have now played 1 round of golf and spent an hour at the practice green. Thanks to this excellent technology I am in danger of becoming a good putter.
     In doing my research one negative comment I read on this model is the sound. While I acknowledge that on longer putts is can make a slight tinging noise instead of a click it is nowhere near as notiicable as some have said. Once you see how many putts are getting close or into the hole the slightly unique sound does not matter.
    Excellent job Evenroll and thank you for helping me become a better putter already. Worth every penny!
    (Posted on 6/25/2017)


    Immediate Improvement
    Review by Ian
    Great customer service from the Evnroll team. Just used my ER5 for the first time and could spot the difference between this putter and my old one right away. Immediate improvement.
    (Posted on 6/13/2017)


    You're missing out
    Review by Puggalkc
    You're really missing out if you don't have an Evnroll putter. It is the most consistent putter I've ever had. Ball scones off the face smoothly and stays on line. I'm a 4 handicapper and expect to knock 2 strokes off a round.
    (Posted on 4/28/2017)


    Best putter i have ever used
    Review by Luke
    Great weight and feel through out. Love the face and overall look of the club. Gives me confidence over the ball which I have rarely had before. Learning to love the sound the club makes. 100% confident this will be a long term club in my bag.
    (Posted on 4/27/2017)


    True roll
    Review by RichierRich
    Very impressive putter. First putter I've ever used that went straight to my target repeatedly. The ball starts rolling end over end immediately, and the grip is perfect.
    (Posted on 4/25/2017)


    The best of everything.
    Review by Bmass
    By far the best looking and best feeling putter I have ever used. The grooves on the face with the changes in width from the heel to the toe, make a off center hit roll straight and with no loss of distance.
    It is amazing. Much better than anything on the market.
    (Posted on 3/24/2017)


    Excellent putter
    Review by Exhaloprez
    Excellent roll with nice weight. Easy to aim. Quality throughout.
    (Posted on 3/19/2017)


    Evnroll is Groundbreaking!
    Review by Dean L
    I received my ER5 Hatchback yesterday and took it out for a test drive on our practice green. I knew I was in love with this putter when I first unpacked it. It has a sleek and very pleasing design along with a great-feeling weight to it. Compared to my old putter, it weighs more but already, I can tell it gives me so much more confidence over putts.
     The fact that I can set up to my golf ball off the center of the putter face (using the small alignment dots) and keep the ball above the hole putting on a break in both directions seems to put the Evnroll at a distinct advantage over other putters. Aligning like this with an ordinary putter would most certainly leave the ball short and likely below the hole and would also make the distance much harder to judge since off-center hits are much more penal.
     Evnroll technology is groundbreaking! Please congratulate Guerin and the entire Evnroll staff on what appears to be revolutionary product.
     I can't wait to try it on the course!!
    (Posted on 10/6/2016)


    Great beginnings
    Review by Woolfman
    30 putts vs my 33.2 avg for today round. A very encouraging start.
     Shot 73 on 6200 yd course. Not bad for 67 yr old.
     Even my playing partners were impressed. One even borrowed the putter after the round. Will probably be getting one.
     Incredible groupings on practice green.
    (Posted on 9/15/2016)


    Best Putter I've Ever Had
    Review by Glen
    I've owned many putters throughout the years from many different companies and generally favor Scotty Cameron and Odyssey. But the Evnroll ER5 is my favorite putter by far. The look is fantastic and exudes high quality. The feel is exceptional because the face is soft but provides incredible feedback and a pure roll. I also love the balanced swingweight and sweet mid-sized grip. Even the head cover is attractive and well made. Altogether, it's an amazing putter that stands head and shoulders above the competition.
    (Posted on 8/29/2016)


    Best putter on the market today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Review by Hack2er
    I just wanted to let you know that I have putted with over 100 putters in my competitive career and the ER5 is the best putter I have ever had. Your technology is dead on and a fact. The ball rolls so true and even on a mishit the ball still rolls out. Everyone should try these putters out, I guarantee they will be amazed with the results of these putting instruments. Congrats you hit a home run on these putters!!!!!!
    (Posted on 7/3/2016)


    Engineering physics
    Review by Adder
    This has to be the most consistent roll of a putter face, with even the smallest miss hit the ball defently travels as far a centre hit. It ain't hard to know when you have made a pure contact as it feels like your putting with an old balata ball.logic. A putter if asked I would recommend to those wishing to lower their scores.
     This putter face design is not a gimmick it's pure logic congratulations Guerin Rife.
    (Posted on 5/22/2016)


    Excellent, best golf investment I've ever made.
    Review by Rich stevens
    This putter is absolutely amazing. The looks and feel are out of this world, but even better than that it has improved my putting 100%.
     I had been waiting for the release of these putters for a while, and consider myself very lucky to be one of the first people in the UK to own one. The science and technology behind these putters had really opened my eyes. I always thought I was a pretty solid putter, but the difference with this putter made me realise I may have been more of a lucky putter.
     I met Ian Dudman at the London club for my fitting, a really nice guy. He explained the concept and history of the putter to me and spent over an hour with me making sure the putter I got was suited to me.
     People spend hundreds of pounds on the latest driver and have it fitted for swing, but how many people actually bother to think, what club are you guaranteed to use every hole. It's a putter, so common sense says this should be the starting point for anyone serious about improving their game.
     Although these putters aren't cheap, they are certainly well worth the money, the fitting experience alone adds to the value of the product. When you first see the roll of the ball from these putters it will amaze you. You can throw that scotty in the bin now, believe me these putter are so much better.
     Well done to all involved in the development of these putters, I believe they will be the number 1 putter on tour with in no time.
     To sum up, if you love golf and are looking to improve, you need to be getting an Evnroll in your bag as soon as possible.
    (Posted on 4/30/2016)
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